What is Horizontal Game

The concept includes the offer of wingsuit first flight courses in Germany as well as our core business, creating safety warnings which are available for everyone.

We build up a Facebook Page as well to collect safety-relevant instructions regarding wingsuit flying. They should involve every appreciable detail, like required equipment and not only the jump itself. Use our Facebook Page or send an email to share your experience and give a word of advice to all the others. Please keep in mind to create particularized descriptions and at best complete them with detailed pictures. After checking your message we will add it to the page as soon as possible.

All safety messages will be published in English to ensure the intelligibility for the whole community. “Horizontal Game” represents support for wingsuit pilots or all those interested. It does not substitute a fundamental education and it is not a reference book for regulations. In case of any question please check with your local wingsuit instructor. In case of absence make contact with the training manager. Every parachutist should aware of the necessity and importance of continuing education concerning technology and safeness. Under the menu item “banner-project” we furnished the construction manual of a banner like it is implemented at our local drop zone. Primary task is to plan wingsuit routes but the banner is also proper for preparation of any other kind of jumping, especially for education and training. Direct your attention to the wind rose because wingsuit pilots are used to specify their approach direction in degrees.